Northern Lights Tours in Tromso

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Known as the best place in the world to spot the Northern Lights, no trip to the Arctic capital is complete without chasing the amazing Aurora lights. The Green Lady taking centre stage and dancing across the sky is definitely a moment to remember – and guess what? We just happen to know some of her favourite dancing spots in Tromso.

We have a wide selection of excursions, and in this article we’ll highlight the details of each tour to hopefully make it easier to find a tour.

Chasing the Lights by Bus

Join us for an unforgettable journey away from the city’s light pollution in search of the magical Aurora Borealis. On this tour you will travel up to 2.5 hours to the heart of the Arctic wilderness to find celestial activity. You will be picked up in Tromso city centre in the evening for a 6-8 hour long tour. Away from the city's light pollution you’ll have the best possible chance of experiencing the lights.

Our comfortable bus ensures a smooth journey to the best viewing locations. Settle into the comfortable seats and stay warm as you search for the mesmerising Aurora Borealis. In case the Northern Lights doesn’t appear, you may rebook the tour at 50% discount at our sales shop in Tromsø (Subject to availability on the next tour). Read more and book your Northern Lights Chase by Bus excursion here. You can also check out Northern Lights chase by minibus.

Northern Lights Visit at Camp Tamok

Join us for a unique expedition to Camp Tamok – the ultimate Northern Lights spot. Located a 90 minutes bus ride from the city centre, our wilderness centre has a drier climate zone with clear inland mountain weather. This means plenty of cloud free evenings and ideal conditions for spotting the lights. We provide you with everything you need to stay warm and capture stunning photos of the Aurora Borealis. We end the evening with a nice warm meal by an open fire in a reindeer herder’s tent. Book your Northern Lights visit including transport. Want to drive yourself? A Northern Lights visit excluding transport can be booked here.

Tips when chasing the lights for the first time: Bring woolly socks and a bit of patience. Like all things in nature, Northern Lights can be very unpredictable, and we are so lucky to be in the middle of an increase in Solar activity! This winter we already observed a lot of Solar Storms ( this activity will grow until 2025 as it is 10 years cyclical). This is great news for anyone who wants to meet the Green Lady.

Northern Lights Cruise with Second Chance Rebooking

Cruise away from the city lights to ideal viewing conditions! This trip takes you on a four hour scenic boat ride on the fjords of Tromsø islands. Joining a cruise is a very comfortable and relaxing way to chase Aurora Borealis.Standing out on deck on a winter evening in Tromsø might be a cold experience, but weather appropriate clothing is your friend. We can offer you a warm thermal suit and hot drinks to help you keep warm. This cruise comes with a second chance guarantee. If Aurora doesn’t appear, you will get a free voucher for a second tour on the next cruise. Read more and book your Northern Lights Cruise here. Fancy an Aurora Dinner Cruise instead? Read more and book here.

Overnight Northern Lights & Whale Watching Safari

Embark on an exclusive 24-hour journey to the heart of the Arctic. Be a part of a small group going beyond the fjord for an epic excursion. Going straight to the Aurora Oval Zone, the first goal of the trip is finding the Northern Lights. Out at sea, away from the city lights, this is one of the best places in the world to observe this unforgettable light show. In the evening you will be served an exquisite 3-course Arctic dinner before retreating to your cabin.The next day you will wake up to a new and exciting adventure, with the possibility of spotting whales right outside the porthole of your cabin.This is an all-inclusive tour – accommodation meals, a Northern Lights chase and whale watching is all included in the price. Read more and book your overnight excursion here.

Camp Tamok Overnight Package Tour

Spend the night at Camp Tamok and create your own combination of activities. We will pick you up in Tromso before taking you on a scenic bus ride to our wilderness centre, built with a balance of authenticity and comfort. Upon booking you will choose an evening adventure, your choice of accommodation and a morning adventure for the day after. Choose between Northern Lights visit, dog sledding, snowmobiling, reindeer sledding. Read more and book your Camp Tamok package tour here. Short on time or not keen on staying overnight? Check out our full Camp Tamok Full Day Package.

Alternative Ways of Catching the Northern Lights

Tromso is known for being one of the best places in the world to see this amazing light show. This means that our winter evening tours also offer the chance of spotting the lights, even though this is not the main focus of the trip.

Go for an evening dog sledding tour, and take part in a snowy adventure along the scenic fjords and Arctic mountains. Drive your own dog sled in a team of two and end the evening with a warm meal around the open fire. Learn more about dog sledding tours in Tromso, or book your tour here

Evening Reindeer Sledding Tours in Tromso
Reindeer Sledding Evening Tour in Tromso

Join a thrilling Snowmobile evening tour. You will drive in pairs through the snowy winter landscapes, with plenty of options to try being both the passenger and driver. Lake Finn marks the halfway point of our snowmobiling adventure and is a good place to take photos and play in the snow.

Take place in the back of the reindeer sled and experience the oldest form of transport in Norway. This is a true Northern Norwegian cultural adventure including reindeer sledding, introduction in lasso throwing, storytelling about the Sami culture and reindeer feeding.

Take part in a Fjellheisen snowshoeing hike and enjoy breathtaking views from the top of the mountain, an exhilarating 1-hour snowshoe hike, and the chance to witness the Northern Lights.

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