Sommarøy Arctic Hotel

Welcome to Sommarøy, Northern Norway's hidden gem, often referred to as the Caribbean of the North. Nestled just 55 kilometers or a short hour's drive from Tromsø Airport, our establishment, a harmonious fusion of hotel, restaurant, café, and bar, awaits your visit, year-round.

We take pride in offering 71 exquisite hotel rooms and 25 charming sea houses, complemented by 10 versatile meeting rooms accommodating gatherings of 2 to 200 individuals. Whether you're here for revelry, business, romance, or any other celebration of life, we've got you covered.

As autumn gently transitions into the depths of winter, Sommarøy transforms into a magical realm, hosting the mesmerizing northern lights spectacle from early September to late March. Thanks to our remote, sparsely populated island, free from the hindrance of light pollution, you can wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, step onto your balcony, and savor a steaming hot beverage while being enraptured by the enchanting, multicolored lights pirouetting across the Arctic sky.

Sommarøy, a quaint island just large enough to explore in a leisurely two-hour stroll, is connected to Kvaløya via the iconic Sommarøy Bridge. The journey from Tromsø Airport offers a visual feast of breathtaking Arctic fjords and majestic mountains, spanning the same 55 kilometers that separate us. Here, on the far reaches of the Arctic Ocean, you'll discover a thriving fishing village where people truly call home.

Hotel Facilities

  • Sauna and sea bath
  • Winelounge
  • Restaurant Stornaustet
  • Bathhouse by the sea (for rent)
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi (for rent)

Location or meeting point

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